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    1 Feb 2018




    Steve Michaels is according to many… the closest living thing to Elvis! The national tour opened here in Windsor last week and it is fair to say, our audiences and critics truly could not believe their eyes. Steve’s masterful performances and remarkable renditions of the King have garnered him worldwide attention and we can certainly see why! We took the opportunity to interview the man himself and here’s what he had to say!


    1.)    At which point did you realise you could play Elvis?


    The first time I realised I could perform Elvis was as a kid, performing at family dos. It became like a party trick. Even in my teens I was still doing it and playing around with it.


    In 1996 I started performing Elvis publicly and at that point, I made my mind up I was going to perfect it - the art of Elvis!  But could I act Elvis?  Well Bill Kenwright saw the potential … my acting debut was actually in Windsor!


    2.)    How do you separate Elvis from Steve? You bear such a striking appearance, surely you are treated as Elvis all the time?!


    It’s pretty difficult! During preparation for this show I found I was slipping into the voice a lot more than normal. Usually as soon as I’m off stage, the character is off, and I’m me. It’s a hazard of the job. Although there was a situation in the lift here in Windsor recently, when somebody did a double take and asked “Are you Elvis?!”


    3.)    We know you have played to audiences all over the world. What has been your favourite gig so far and why?


    It has to be this one.  It’s completely different and brand new. Usually it’s the same show in different areas of the world, but now I’m getting to act. I think if I didn’t have the opportunity to start the show off singing a few songs, I’d have been a lot more nervous! The music puts me at ease. What’s clever about the script is the fact the first 10 lines are actually taken from The Comeback Special, so it helped that I already knew these off by heart!


    4.)    We know that you have created, written, directed and produced in the past. How does it compare to perform in such a large-scale production/ national tour?


    The closest was a 3 week tour across Canada. It brought us to 5 venues across 4 provinces, although nothing quite compares to this tour of 5 months! Fronting, acting and being part of an ensemble cast is new to me, but performing with a big band and vocalists is pretty much in my comfort zone.  


    5.)    How does your life compare to Elvis’. Do you have your own Priscilla/ Lisa Marie?


    Well my wife’s British. We fell in love and married. I actually met her through Elvis in another production over in Canada. I’ve got a 5 year old son and 18 month old daughter.

    Like Elvis, I’m very close to my mum. She sends me all these wonderful emails and messages, ‘you get out there, you know you can do it etc.’


    6.)    Did you have any special training to master so perfectly the movement and mannerisms of Elvis?

    For the most part, I picked up everything visually. When footage of Elvis went digital, it made it so much easier to dissect everything scene by scene. I studied a little bit of Kung Fu, as Elvis did, and it helps with the stage personification. When he’s on stage, he often has one foot forward, he’s in his stance, fighting, ready for it!


    7.)    It seems you have a famous brother in law? Have you ever had an Elvis singing competition with him? And did he mind losing?


    He wouldn’t mind me mentioning his name…I’m sure … it’s Shane Richie. He gracefully bowed out of an Elvis competition but we do joke around about the Elvis thing. He can sing and is a bit of a Rock ‘n’ Roller. He was actually one of the first Danny Zucko’s. And yes, he’ll be visiting the show.


    8.)    How was first night at Theatre Royal Windsor for you?

    I’ll never forget about it! It was beautiful. All my dreams came true. The staff were phenomenal, the sound was magnificent and the crowd were welcoming. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to perform and be Elvis on stage and it was so endearing…. unforgettable.



     Find out more about This is Elvis here!

    (This is Elvis is playing in Windsor, until 3 Feb and touring until Aug 18!)

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