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Splurge guns and great songs!

A local youth amateur production from RARE PRODUCTIONS the team that bought Fame, Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz to Windsor.

Gangster warfare in New York. Dandy Dan’s hoodlums terrorise the district, exterminating undesirables with their new weapon splurge guns. His rival is Fat Sam Stacetto, who runs the Grand Slam Speakeasy, but Fat Sam’s gang still use old fashioned pies. Fat Sam engages the help of Bugsy Malone, a smooth city slicker who hitherto has been more occupied in sweet talking Blousey Brown, a would-be girl singer. Finally, Dandy Dan prepares for a showdown at Fat Sam’s speakeasy. It all ends in a gooey pandemonium of splurge, custard pies and flour bombs. Will Dandy Dan get his just desserts? Will Bugsy and Blousey have a sweet ending? Come to downtown Windsor and find out!

Tue 9th Apr - Sat 13th Apr
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  • Tue - Sat 7.30pm

    Thu & Sat 2.30pm

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