KING KONG (1933 Film Screening) - Theatre Royal Windsor

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KING KONG (1933 Film Screening)

KING KONG (1933 Film Screening)

To coincide with our January thriller- The Case of the Frightened Lady, TRW will be screening perhaps the best known thriller from the writer, Edgar Writer for ONE DAY ONLY.

The 1933 classic is regarded as the greatest adventure-fantasy of all time!

When a film crew travel to a tropical island for an exotic location shoot, the female blonde star is captured and prepared as a sacrifice to the  gigantic ape who rules over the jungle. King Kong is soon captured and brought back to New York City for public exhibition… this is when the real trouble begins.

Fri 19th Jan
  • Show Times
  • 2pm & 5pm

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  • Tickets £9.50