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A mind bending psychological thriller from the pen of Anthony Horowitz – creator of Foyles War, the BBC’s New Blood, Alex Rider, the Sherlock Holmes novels House of Silk and Moriarty… and the James Bond novel Trigger Mortis.

When a writer of pulp crime novels gets an interview with a notorious serial killer he believes he has snared the coup of his career. But when he arrives at the asylum, he finds nothing can be trusted, not even his own eyes. Through a series of lies, manipulations and memories, dark secrets are revealed. Where did the raw meat in the fridge come from? Why isn't the skeleton in the closet?

 “Keeps you guessing and marvelling from its deceptively normal opening to its fearful climax." The Stage 

"Probes the terror of madness...while exhibiting a roguish love of the comedic macabre." - London Evening Standard.

Mon 1st May - Sat 6th May
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  • Mon – Sat 8pm, Thu 2.30pm, Sat 4.45pm 

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  • Tickets from £15

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