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A family held captive in Nazi occupied Guernsey.  A mysterious stranger with no history. Only one chance of survival. 

Starring Paul McGann (Withnail and IDoctor Who and The Monocled Mutineer) and Belinda Lang (2point4 Children, Second Thoughts) written by Moira Buffini (, this electric drama with edge-of-your-seat suspense is directed by award winning Kate McGregor and produced by Theatre6; producers of the award winning, West End smash hit The Scottsboro Boys. 

1943. Nazi occupied Guernsey. Widow and mother Jeanne does whatever it takes to keep her adolescent daughter Estelle and daughter-in-law Lily safe on an island filled with danger and fear. Her toughest test arrives in the terrifying Commander Von Pfunz, whose romantic advances maybe the only way to keep her family alive. But tensions intensify when a mysterious young man is washed ashore with no memory of who he is. Fluent in German and the Queen’s English, is he an RAF pilot, an SS interrogator, a local boy with amnesia or a saviour sent from heaven? The stakes are high and getting it wrong, means certain death.


**** "Paul McGann is terrific in the role, magnetic" The Times

**** "Lang is superb. McGann is fantastic. A rewarding, haunting evening.” The Telegraph

"Get a ticket now" Fairy Powered Productions

"a perfect cast is led by two wonderful, heart-breaking performances from Belinda Lang and Paul McGann" Traffic Light Theatre Goer

**** Broadway World

**** Time Out

**** “A powerful English drama” Time Out

 “A tense tale of wartime intrigue and romance” The New York Times


Paul McGann (Withnail and IDoctor Who and The Monocled Mutineer

Belinda Lang (2point4 Children, Second Thoughts)

Mon 24th Apr - Sat 29th Apr
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  • Mon - Sat 8pm, Thu 2.30pm, Sat 4.45pm

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  • £15 - £31

    Royal Specials: £37 - £39

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